This fight has to begin from schools and univercities, not from war zones.
Terror is not a new phemenon. It is a problem with old history and it became the human problem. Now every day we can hear in press, TV and internet about different kinds of terror acts, killed and injured innocent people, destroyed and demolished buildings. Sometimes I ask myself that why these acts happen? Why people kill one another? Why does one destroys anything built by anyone?

December 31, 2009 approxiametely at 24:00, New Year celebrations I saw very horrible scenes in TV channels: killing of innocent people in Palastine, lasting explosions in Pakistan. It was very unbelievable. In one side people have a nice time, congratulates one another, in other side you can body bazaar, people fight to be alive. Really, it has different causes: political, religious, economical, ethnic, known and unknown causes. The end of the XXth and the beginning of the XXI st centuries enter the history like the most strained time period of the fight against terror. What a profit? Terror is lasting on the new way with modern methods and in the largest form. Terror has begun to assume great importance, so different states do not deny their presents to this foul process, they put forward their “arguments”. Armenia, occuping 20% of territory of Azerbaijan and driving out nearly 1 million people from their lands presents the idea of “nations` solving own problems themselves”, Israel, killing innocent people in the Middle East presents the idea of protecting stability in the region, Iran, using the siruations in the Middle East in her favour and financing the international organizations like “Hisbullah” and “Hamas” offers excuses of “Brotherhood of Islamic states”. Each side considers itself right. But innocent people are those who suffer in these wars mostly. But how we can fight against the terror? Due to the ten years` practice fight against terror in the battles with weapons does not give any effect.

So we have to overturn in the minds, spirits and blood of people and to educate them. We have to teach people to be sensible against the terror and not to become victims of provocateurs. That is why the most suitable basis are educational estabilishments. This propaganda work must start from the last classes of school and to become more intensive in the university years. Because, in school years the young are under the patronage of parents and they do not take interest in such sabotages. But minds of the young who consider unversity years to be suitable to begin independent life is mixed. The young trying to build his life, to change and to make fantastic progress in the short time come under the influence of such harmful movements and propaganda. It is not accidental that great states like Iran, Israel, USA and Russia propagandize among the students and try to change their minds using different methods. As a result of this propaganda work the process of concentration is going on among the young, breaking happens in the society. The young going away from their national status begin to present themselves like a defender of other states. They take part in different parties holding in these states, visit these countries within the exchange programs of education. And they become the fan of these states and their policies.

Besides, universities may be considered a potential source of specialists and targets of terror organizations. Because in order to set up an alarm in society and to kill men terrorists attack to the universities. April 30, 2009 terror act to the Azerbaijan Oil Academy may be put an example to this fact. In accordance with armenian special appointed groups` instructions terrorist enters the university and kills tens of students in the short time.

It is not a problem of state or nation only. This terror act happened in Azerbaijan today may be repeated in other countries tomorrow. That is why universities have to co-operate with one another and exchange practice in the fight against terror – global problem of the humanity. The essence of terror, conditions of origin, history of international terror organizations, methods and ways of protecting from terror must be taught at educational estabilishments. We usually are careful of speaking about these subjects. We think that the young must not be involved in such themes. Different organizations are busy with such problems. But it is not so. The effectiveness of powers` activity in such positions depends on different people`s behaviours directly.

That is why students of universities must be enlightened from the national, cultural, religious and ethnic points of view, they must be taught such sensible themes and must be told about international positive practice. In order not to become victims of provocateurs all needed ways and methods of protection must be realized. It would be better to draw attention to the finance given for the purpose of holding different parties and celebrations by different embassies for the students of faculties of region studies and international relations, to limit all the opportunities of students to become victims of dirty plans of foreign states by sacrificing their national interests.
Due to the practice young students who are members of different circles after a definite period join dangerous religious movements, go away to the mountains, fight for abstract aims in Afganistan, Irag, Palastine with unknown men and they are killed there in the battles. These are the results of intensive propaganda put forward by interested forces and we – the young are victims. That is why university must not be only place of education of the young, but the place of growing real citizen for this country also. Universities should be holy place growing personality who love, prefer Motherland, country, national interests over everything and those who are ready to give life, move without any influence and promises.

*** This article has been written for the purpose of speaking in the Congress of World Universities named “What should be the new aims and responsibilities of universities within the framework of global issues?” holding on October 20-24, 2009 in Turkey.

Dr. Ahmed Shahidov
January 01, 2010. Baku, Azerbaijan

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